Fraud Eats Strategy

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To hear about crime families, penny stock boiler rooms, international money launderers, narco-traffickers, oligarchs, dictators, war lords, and kleptocrats. This series is the distillation of Scott Moritz’s experience forged over thirty years, whether its an accounting scandal, arrests, search warrants, loss of market cap or a combination of these, failure to consider fraud and corruption risk can upend your strategy.  

Operationalizing Compliance Fraud Eats Strategy

Today's episode features special guest Tom Fox, founder of the Compliance Podcast Network and Author of The Compliance Handbook: A Guide to Operationalizing Your Compliance Program.. Click the link for 20% off of your purchase. Our discussion focuses on the guidance compliance officers can use as roadmaps when architecting their Ethics & Compliance programs and anti-bribery and corruption compliance programs specifically the document Evaluation of Ethics and Compliance Programs authored by then DOJ Compliance Consultant Hui Chen published in 2017.
  1. Operationalizing Compliance
  2. Investigations for Non-Investigators: Holding Down the Fort
  3. Pawns, Goofs, Collaborators and Lone Wolves: An Examination of Insider Threats
  4. Keeping Criminality Out of the Casino
  5. Destigmatizing Whistle-Blowers: The SEC's Office of the Whistleblower 10 Years In – Best Practices for Companies in a Brave New World

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