Fraud Eats Strategy

Fraud Eats Strategy

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To hear about crime families, penny stock boiler rooms, international money launderers, narco-traffickers, oligarchs, dictators, war lords, and kleptocrats. This series is the distillation of Scott Moritz’s experience forged over thirty years, whether its an accounting scandal, arrests, search warrants, loss of market cap or a combination of these, failure to consider fraud and corruption risk can upend your strategy.  

Part 2 – A Recap of The First 30 Episodes Fraud Eats Strategy

When we launched the “Fraud Eats Strategy” podcast, we promised to explore organized crime, boiler rooms, money launderers, warlords, kleptocrats and fallen CEOs, and the companies that have been damaged or destroyed through their criminality. Throughout the first 30 episodes, we hope that you have seen these efforts and enjoyed the content!
  1. Part 2 – A Recap of The First 30 Episodes
  2. Fraud Eats Strategy – First 30 Episodes Recap – Part 1
  3. Raising the Board's Compliance IQ: Meeting Increased Compliance Expectations
  4. The Achilles Heel of FCPA Compliance: Bribe-Paying Third Parties
  5. Chasing Bernie's Billions: Part 2

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