Corruption at the United Nations? Of Course There is.

The United Nations is a unique organization made up of 193 member nations which is a combination of wealthy donor countries and impoverished beneficiary countries. The UN obtains its financial backing from donor countries and funds various initiatives and projects to alleviate suffering from terrorism and genocide and improve the quality of life in theContinue reading “Corruption at the United Nations? Of Course There is.”

Successor Liability is More Than You Bargained For

Gone are the days when the potential bribery and corruption risk of an acquisition can afford to be something assessed at the 11th hour or not at all.  Successor liability stemming from undiscovered bribery activity can give rise to devasting financial consequences. On a recent episode of Fraud Eats Strategy, I discussed anti-corruption due diligenceContinue reading “Successor Liability is More Than You Bargained For”

The DOJ Expects You to Know Its Compliance Guidance Inside and Out

In November 2012, the DOJ Fraud Section and the SEC published what would turn out to be a groundbreaking document: A Resource Guide to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  Detailed and yet very approachable and written in plain English, “the Guide” as it is commonly referred to, is the primary desk reference for everyContinue reading “The DOJ Expects You to Know Its Compliance Guidance Inside and Out”

Meet Scott Moritz

Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting Forensic & Litigation, Risk & Investigation Practice Scott Moritz has more than 35 years of experience in combined law enforcement and investigative consulting, forensic accounting, and regulatory compliance advisory experience. Mr. Moritz assists clients and their outside counsel in managing their response to “bet the company” event-driven financial crime,Continue reading “Meet Scott Moritz”