The Achilles Heel of FCPA Compliance: Bribe-paying Intermediaries

According to Stanford University Law School’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Clearinghouse, between 2001 and 2019, there were 268 FCPA enforcement actions. 246 (or 91.7%) of the bribes were paid by third parties as opposed to officers or employees of the defendant company. Sales agents, distributors, JV partners, resellers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, lawyers and accountantsContinue reading “The Achilles Heel of FCPA Compliance: Bribe-paying Intermediaries”

Beware of the Boiler Room: Pump & Dump Schemes Explained

The term pump and dump is not a widely known term outside of securities enforcement, but some of the names are more familiar. Stratton Oakmont and Jordan Belfort of The Wolf of Wall Street fame, Benjamin Conde and Power Traders, Rooney Pace, AR Baron and the granddaddy of them all, Bob Brennan and First JerseyContinue reading “Beware of the Boiler Room: Pump & Dump Schemes Explained”

When the Crisis is Unfolding – Tap the Brakes

The workforce that emerges from the combination of stay at home orders and the financial crisis will undoubtedly be very different than ever before. Each of us is dealing with unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety and uncertainty. External stressors can cause people in positions of trust to suspend good judgment and make some truly terribleContinue reading “When the Crisis is Unfolding – Tap the Brakes”

Deconstructing the Minds of White-Collar Criminals

Psychology plays a significant role in investigations. Behavioral science profiling has proven to be invaluable to law enforcement and their ability to bring serial killers, terrorists and other violent offenders to justice.  And yet the use of the psychological techniques in the study of white-collar criminals has not garnered nearly the same amount of attentionContinue reading “Deconstructing the Minds of White-Collar Criminals”

Artificial Intelligence Explained

Using AI for Trade Surveillance and Fraud Detection Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning have become dominant forces shaping the banking and capital markets sector in recent years. Financial institutions are allocating significant resources on AI-based applications and talent and regulators are paying increased attention to the emergence of AI and its impact onContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence Explained”

Let’s Assume Fraud in Your Company Would be Unwelcome News

Fraud risk can lay dormant below the surface for years. This is often the case until someone in a control position recognizes a weakness in the control environment and exploits it for their gain. Right now, there are thousands of ongoing fraud schemes taking place in organizations that have gone unnoticed for years.  Organizational resiliencyContinue reading “Let’s Assume Fraud in Your Company Would be Unwelcome News”

Swimming Naked in a Down Economy

During the last financial crisis, Warren Buffet said, “You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.” Adverse market conditions expose risks and test a company’s resilience and like low tides, when the economy recedes, long-running frauds are often exposed. In a recent episode of FTI’s new podcast series: Fraud EatsContinue reading “Swimming Naked in a Down Economy”

Meet Scott Moritz

Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting Forensic & Litigation, Risk & Investigation Practice Scott Moritz has more than 35 years of experience in combined law enforcement and investigative consulting, forensic accounting, and regulatory compliance advisory experience. Mr. Moritz assists clients and their outside counsel in managing their response to “bet the company” event-driven financial crime,Continue reading “Meet Scott Moritz”