The Interrelationship Between Major Investigations and Crisis Communications

In 2020 and continuing into 2021, the term crisis communications seems almost redundant.  We are bombarded every day with information about the pandemic death toll and infection rates, the largest cyber-attack in history, the financial crisis, efforts to overturn a presidential election and an attack on the US Capitol building while Congress was in session.Continue reading “The Interrelationship Between Major Investigations and Crisis Communications”

The Strange Bedfellows of Cyber Defense

Cybersecurity risks seem to be expanding exponentially. Business Email Compromise schemes are among the fastest-growing financial crimes. Ransomware attacks are crippling hospital systems, disrupting manufacturing and retail operations and supply chains and threatening our critical infrastructure. Personal identifying information is being harvested millions of records at a time from credit bureaus, government agencies, financial servicesContinue reading “The Strange Bedfellows of Cyber Defense”

Cross Border Investigations and Ethical Culture

In organizations with a strong ethical culture, cross border investigations tend to go easier than in dysfunctional organizations. Whether your organization is amongst the World’s most ethical or riddled with dysfunction, cross-border investigations are challenging either way.  Global organizations are a microcosm of the countries and cultures in which they operate, and understanding customs, language,Continue reading “Cross Border Investigations and Ethical Culture”

Banking Superheroes: A Look Inside the Financial Investigations Unit

Financial Investigations Units are the unsung heroes inside banks and brokerages.  They protect institutions and their customers from the things that go bump in the night.  Most financial services companies above a certain size have one or more financial investigations units (FIUs) to investigate the various threats against the institution or its customers. Missions varyContinue reading “Banking Superheroes: A Look Inside the Financial Investigations Unit”

Investigating the Investigators

In the forensic accounting world, there’s a little-known area commonly referred to as “shadow investigations”.  A shadow investigation is when accounting firms oversee internal investigations being performed by outside counsel and their forensic investigations counterparts.  The primary objective is to ensure that the investigative scope is likely to provide sufficient information for the audit partnerContinue reading “Investigating the Investigators”

It’s OK to Use Zoom to Interview Witnesses

Investigators and attorneys are two professions best practiced in person. Yet, witness interviews and depositions have had to revert to video conferencing. This has invigorated debates focused on the use of body language and other physical cues to detect deception, or if someone is being coached off of the screen. It has also caused usContinue reading “It’s OK to Use Zoom to Interview Witnesses”

Meet Scott Moritz

Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting Forensic & Litigation, Risk & Investigation Practice Scott Moritz has more than 35 years of experience in combined law enforcement and investigative consulting, forensic accounting, and regulatory compliance advisory experience. Mr. Moritz assists clients and their outside counsel in managing their response to “bet the company” event-driven financial crime,Continue reading “Meet Scott Moritz”